Questions & Answers

  • 1What is AMP page?

    In October 2015 Google announced the new project named Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP aimed to make mobile user experience better. AMP pages are loaded faster due to simplified HTML structure and restricted JavaScript. Valid AMP pages indexed by Google are stored in cache of the search giant. When mobile user opens such pages from search results they loads immediately from Google storage, avoiding any requests to the original website. This makes AMP pages outstanding from any smartphone optimized or responsive websites.

  • 2 Who needs AMP pages?

    For mobile users the AMP content is displayed immediately on search results page. Very helpful for those who browse the news and information by smartphone with limited or slow internet connection, such as 3G networks, etc. And yes, the number of mobile users is still growing.
    For business AMP pages is a must, especially, if you are content or news provider, blogger or ecommerce provider with products reviews, etc. AMP project is improved almost every week. Nowadays, a special accent Google makes for ecommerce websites. eBay already made some AMP pages for their customers, for example. Be the first AMP pages provider in your business keeping your competitors far behind.

  • 3What benefits of AMP pages?

    Upon the Google statistics, AMP pages are loaded 4 times faster and have 10 times less secondary data if to compare with ordinary pages. In average, the loading time of AMP page is less than a second. 90% of AMP page owners get better CTR. 80% of AMP page owners get higher advertisement viewing rate.

  • 4What if I have mobile/responsive website yet?

    If you have already mobile optimized website or responsive design, the AMP version is a good addon to your online business. AMP brings you guaranteed benefits in SEO and Google search results pages. You may use AMP pages for your mobile audience if you don’t have mobile optimized website yet..

  • 5What is the price?

    Starts from 99 USD. Yes, it’s extremely cheap! Click the button below to get more precise price estimation and the timelines. Our team will contact you soon.


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